Digitally Enabled Services

Revolutionising Service Delivery with Technology

Rosmerta Digital Services offers class leading Digitally Enabled Services. Recognizing the complexities and challenges inherent in vehicle registration steps and supply chain, we set out to revolutionise the way these services are accessed and executed.

At Rosmerta, we specialise in providing comprehensive vehicle registration services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of OEMs. Our range of services includes facilitating new vehicle model and variant approval, meticulously handling documentation for subsidy claims, and expediting trade certificate approvals.

In addition to catering to the needs of OEMs, we extend our services to encompass the realm of used vehicle registrations through a strategic partnership with Cars24. This collaboration allows us to offer seamless registration solutions for pre-owned vehicles, enabling individuals and businesses to navigate the process with ease and confidence.

Furthermore, Rosmerta goes beyond conventional registration services by offering innovative Last Mile Service Delivery solutions. Through our HSRP Last Mile Enablement and M2M KYC services, we bridge the gap between regulatory requirements and operational efficiency, ensuring that every step of the registration journey is optimised for convenience and compliance.

The Opportunity

EV market

EV sales (L units)

ICE Market

ICE sales (L units)

M2M/IOT Market

eSIM market (INR ’00 Cr)

Key Strengths

We offer Digitally Enabled Services to large and growing markets, and have scaled rapidly

700+ Feet
On Ground Pan-India

2 Decades
Of Domain Expertise

Industry Relationships

Bringing Tech
To Non-Tech Industries

Operational Excellence

Performance Metrics

1 day TAT for vehicle registrations*

30% market share in Indian E2W registrations in FY24

>2L vehicle registrations done in FY24

20,000+ dealerships touchpoints in FY25

Vehicle owners directly served - growing from 2L to 5L in FY25