Digitally Enabled Channel Sales

Revolutionising Digitally Enabled Channel Sales

Rosmerta Digital is at the forefront of transforming the spare parts and accessories sales and delivery business, tapping into a significant market opportunity in India’s burgeoning automotive sector. Recognizing the immense potential within the Spares Aftermarket and Vehicle Accessories Aftermarket segments, Rosmerta Digital has strategically leveraged its technological prowess and operational efficiency to address the fragmented and technologically lagging landscape of automotive spare part distribution.

Powering our Digitally Enabled Channel Sales are the below key pillars

Strong OEM Relationships:

Our deep-rooted connections with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) stem from our extensive experience in OEM services. This foundation enables us to streamline the supply chain and enhance distribution efficiency.

Efficient Last Mile Delivery:

We ensure the last mile delivery of High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to dealers, customers, and fitment centres, ensuring timely and reliable service.

Direct Customer Engagement:

Through our involvement in RTO Vehicle Registration for both Electric Vehicles (EV) and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, we maintain a direct connection with customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Expanding Retail Network:

Our existing network of retailers is perfectly positioned for growth, enabling us to expand our reach and serve a broader customer base effectively.

Comprehensive Selection of Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Rosmerta Digital provides a comprehensive selection of vehicle parts in the Aftermarket and Vehicle Accessories segments. Our offerings include Body Parts, AC Parts, Hydraulics, Suspension and NVH Systems parts, Aesthetics and Lighting, and Clutch-Engine-Drivetrain components, among many other categories. Whether you're looking for essential replacements or enhancements, our diverse range ensures you find the right parts and accessories to meet your vehicle's needs.

Strategic Partnerships with Leading Brands

Rosmerta Digital has forged robust partnerships with prestigious brands such as Ola Electric, Royal Enfield, Kinetic Green, Gogoro, Ultraviolette, and Zen Mobility. These collaborations underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions in the automotive aftermarket.

By harnessing our technological advantages and strong industry relationships, Rosmerta Digital is not only meeting the current demands of the market but also paving the way for future growth in the digitally enabled channel sales sector. Join us as we drive the future of automotive spare parts and accessories distribution.